Quality Management

A quality management system that helps manage quality by setting rules, goals, keeping track of progress, and checking how well procedures are going.

Goal and Procedure

Quality Goal

This is about setting clear goals using specific measures to check how good an application is. It's a simple way to make sure we aim for high quality.

Quality Procedure

These are clear steps (standard operating procedure (SOP) ) put together by an organization to help staff do their jobs well and consistently.

Tree Of Procedure

The Tree of Procedures shows how some steps might be linked or depend on each other, kind of like how parents and children are related.

Tools for Quality Management

Quality Review

A Quality Review is a careful check following certain rules, roles, and steps. It makes sure a product is complete and meets standards.

Quality Feedback

Quality Feedback is what a customer says about how happy or unhappy they are with your services or products.

Quality Action

Quality Action is a standard feature to allow implementation of corrective and preventive actions.

Quality Meeting

It is an assembly of people for a particular purpose or agenda, especially for formal discussion about Quality aspects.