How distribution ERP software is making the world a better place

The digital industrial revolution changed the retail distributor industry in Saudi Arabia. Wholesale distributors are currently assessing methods to install the next-generation distributor ERP. 

Due to a lack of interactive design, and sustainable practices, retail distribution has issues meeting online client expectations. The industry’s retribution is underway. What does this mean for today’s wholesale distribution businesses? 

To be competitive in the Saudi market, wholesale distributors must adopt new technology and the best wholesale distribution software

With a strategic combination of software and best practices, you can give your wholesale distribution customers a better experience. Also, generate more income to help your business expand. 

Advancement reshapes complexity into opportunity

Creating digital components for your company is critical to handling wholesale distribution returns. Connecting all your office systems allows you to integrate data and processes to improve supply chain operations and the user experience. 

The top three ways for integrating wholesale distribution into the retail environment 

SowaanERP has various methodologies for wholesale distributors to change in response to customer needs. 


    • Improve visibility and efficiency with agile inventory management. 

    • Value-added services for increased productivity 

    • Cost-effective inventory levels 

1. Wholesale distributors must become quicker, better, and more agile to remain profitable. To meet client expectations, one successful strategy is to adopt an innovative online sales approach. 

Unfortunately, many wholesale distributors, use many systems to support various retail streams, leading to many systems throughout your organization, resulting in reduced insight into your distribution networks and making it more difficult for your company to create uniform user experiences across all its retail channels. 

2. Wholesale distributors are still under pressure to deliver products. Yet, wholesale distributors confront significant barriers to efficient transportation control, owing in part to the heavy traffic problem. Incorporating the best ERP software companies in Saudi Arabia for your distribution and delivery processes might help you improve delivery times. The more value you provide to your customers, the more likely they are to stay with you. 

3. ERP software assists you in ensuring that your wholesale distributor maintains the appropriate amount of stock, by controlling your expenditures. The distribution of one ERP in Saudi Arabia provides total visibility into your item’s cost, inventory, and request over time. This will enable you to forecast anticipated growth in merchandise better than manufacturers and retailers can. 

Following the three tactics outlined above will position your wholesale distribution company to capitalise on a market characterized by the rise of online shopping and remain relevant as a valuable partner to the manufacturers of your merchandise. 

To be successful, these tactics rely on putting ERP software into your wholesale distributor, as well as restructuring its processes to deliver countless opportunities. 

The advantages of a distribution ERP system 

The following are the advantages of the distribution ERP software system in Saudi Arabia: 


    • Increases in the order fill rate must be balanced against the effect on the distribution. 

    • Operational processes are being automated and monitored. 

    • Cut waste and loss. 

    • Improved communication among internal staff and core clients. 

    • Accurate, authentic data capture of your inventory in storage. 

    • Excess and useless items are removed from storage.


SowaanERP has the best ERP for distribution, supply chain, and inventory management in Saudi Arabia. You can track order fulfillment, cut inventory logistics mistakes, regulate stock levels, install sales promotions, and simplify your distribution operation. 

Sowaan ERP is an easy-to-use and adaptable distribution ERP software. You can connect ERP software with inventory to handle your entire business with transparent stock and financial management. It includes tools for serial numbers and batch tracking, allowing you to keep track of every item or batch in your inventory.