The Accounting module in Om handles various financial processes.


The Stock or Inventory Management module efficiently manages stock levels.


The customer Relationship Management module improves customer service and enhances marketing efforts.


The buying module focuses on managing the entire procurement process and streamlining supplier relationships.


HR modules improve efficiency and ensure data accuracy to allow HR departments to focus on more strategic initiatives.


The Projects module streamlines project management processes for the successful completion of projects.


The Support module ensures the smooth operation of the ERP system.


ERP systems manage physical assets to efficiently track, maintain, analyze, and manage various types of investments.


Quality management system with procedures, goals, tracking and reviewing

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP software in Om streamlines production planning, inventory management, supply chain management, quality control, and more.

Distribution ERP Software

Distribution ERP software optimizes and streamlines various aspects of the distribution process.

ERP Software For Nonprofit

ERP software for non-profit organizations manages donations, fundraising, grant tracking, and financial transparency.

Retail ERP Software

Retail ERP software supports the specific needs of retail businesses across multiple channels.

Health Sector ERP Software

Health sector ERP software streamlines the administrative, clinical, and operational processes.

Agriculture ERP Software

Agriculture ERP software manages various aspects of farming operations for sustainability.

Education ERP Software

Education ERP software streamlines administrative tasks, improves communication, and enhances educational operations.

Property Management ERP Software

Property Management manages rental properties, leasing, asset management, and facility management.