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Exploring the top agriculture ERP software in Pakistan with SowaanERP

Manage your farm and livestock business in Pakistan with ease using agriculture ERP software. This software helps you track everything from crop cycles and locations to diseases and fertilizer use. It’s designed to make your farming tasks simple by keeping all important information in one place.

70+ Analysis Criteria

Sowaan ERP offers a wide range of analysis options, from checking humidity and rainfall to tracking soil minerals and temperature.

Important Details

Manage Your Crops

Keep a detailed record of every crop management step, like plowing or harvesting, including the distances between crops and rows. Plan out when to do each task, list what you’ll need, and note down any products or leftovers.

Crop Cycle

Create your own sequences for things like planting, watering, or collecting crops. Pick out where each step happens, write down any plant sicknesses, and add solutions right into the cycle.



Outline your farming areas and note their sizes. These areas will show up on a map. If you’re farming in several places, you can organize them under bigger areas, like states.


Getting ahead of diseases quickly is crucial for a good harvest. If a problem pops up, you can immediately note down what needs to be done and how long it might take to fix.

Record All The Tasks
Fertilizer The Tasks


Keep a detailed list of your fertilizers and their ingredients to ensure strong crop growth.

Plant Analysis

Track the health of your plants in any location by recording when you collect, test, and get results. Note down the specifics of what’s in your plants, looking at actual, low, and high values to find anything unusual.


Water Analysis

With Sowaan ERP, monitoring water quality is straightforward. Record what’s in your water, along with when you collect samples, test them, and review results. Keep track of the normal, lower, and upper limits to spot any issues.

Soil Analysis

Our agriculture ERP makes it easy to keep an eye on soil health. Log when you take soil samples, test them, and analyze the results. Note the composition of your soil, checking for any discrepancies from the expected range.

Important Details
Loam Record

Soil Texture

Document what your soil is made of, whether it’s sandy, silty, clay, or loamy. Dive into details like how much organic material it has and its density.


Keep tabs on the weather conditions affecting your fields, including temperature, humidity, and rainfall, by recording them for each location.

Payment Request

Sales And Purchase

Manage your sales and billing efficiently with Sowaan ERP. Send invoices, chase payments through email or SMS, and use custom templates for bills. Set up your system to make processing transactions quicker.

Billing And Pricing

Beyond farming, handle your business transactions with ease. Track sales and purchases through orders and invoices.


On-The-Fly Customizations

Tailor your ERP software to fit your needs perfectly. Add custom fields, adjust forms automatically, and make your own print formats without needing to code.

Multilingual Agriculture ERP Software

Sowaan ERP comes in multiple languages, so you can use it in the one you’re most comfortable with. This feature makes it easier for everyone on your team to use the software effectively.

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Keep work flowing—on the go

Keep up with your business from anywhere with the free Sowaan ERP mobile app. Use your phone or tablet to easily look at accounts, update projects and quotes, and finish tasks quickly. This lets you focus on what’s really important.

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