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Boost your business operations with the best distribution ERP software in Pakistan. This software makes it easy to keep an eye on orders, manage your inventory, start promotions, and cut down on buying mistakes. You can also quickly connect with platforms like Amazon, WooCommerce, or Shopify to begin selling your products

Know Where Your Business Is

Sowaan ERP is at the forefront of distribution ERP software in Pakistan, offering a flexible and user-friendly system. It integrates smoothly with your inventory, allowing you to watch over stocks and accounts from anywhere. Plus, its Serial Number and Batch Tracking features help you keep track of every product or batch in your inventory, giving you better control over item movements and batch expiration dates. Managing your warehouse becomes simpler with quick stock checks, easy transfers between warehouses, and detailed reports.
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Sowaan ERP shines as a leading ERP distribution software, offering a unified inventory system that gives you instant insights into product availability. It’s designed for effective stock level management across different locations and warehouses, simplifying stock transfers. Whether dealing with batched or serialized items, Sowaan ERP lets you track batches, including their manufacturing and expiration dates.

Multi-Store Management

Setting up new branches of your business is straightforward with just a few clicks, thanks to this top distribution ERP in Pakistan. You can define specific metrics for each branch to closely monitor expenses, stock movements, profits, and losses, helping you understand your distribution business’s profitability. Plus, you’ll stay informed with real-time shipping rates and transit details from leading carriers.
Transit Details
Variations is Stored

Item Variants

Managing thousands of product variations can be challenging, but Sowaan ERP makes it easier. The primary product is stored as an item template, while each unique variation is saved as an item variant. This efficient setup simplifies managing diverse product lines.

Promotional Schemes

Pakistan’s leading ERP solution streamlines how businesses handle discounts and margins. You can set up promotional schemes tailored to different events or customer groups, with the system automatically adjusting pricing rules. This makes managing discounts simple and efficient.
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Automate Stock Replenishment

The software keeps an eye on your inventory levels. When stock gets low, it automatically requests more materials, helping to prevent running out of products. It even sends emails to the right managers, so they can act fast to restock.

Multi-Ecommerce Integration

Linking up with online stores like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Amazon MWS is easy. A few clicks and your products, customers, and orders all match up, making selling online smoother
Ecommerce Integration

Multi-Currency Accounting

Dealing with money in different currencies is easy now. The software lets you bill and keep track of costs in any currency, changing it to your main currency by itself. You can also look at financial reports in various currencies.
One Time Configuration

Billing And Pricing

Charging customers and reminding them about late payments is simpler. The system helps you send out bills and reminder messages through email or SMS. You can make your billing papers look how you want with templates that are easy to use, making everything faster.

Credits & Receivables

With this leading ERP software in Pakistan, setting up loyalty programs and pricing strategies is simple. You can easily keep an eye on credit limits, stay on top of money owed to you, handle combined billing, and see how much money customers bring in using reports that are ready to go. This software helps you maintain good cash flow by allowing you to send out cost guesses, change them into bills, and get online payments quickly. It also provides clear sales details through a customer portal.
Your Business in Minutes
Your Business in Minutes

On-The-Fly Customizations

Make an ERP software that fits what your service needs. You can put in special fields in your forms to get the exact information you want. You can make forms work better by automatically filling in values, hiding areas based on who is using it, and making custom print layouts—all without needing to know how to code.

Multilingual Distribution ERP Software

Use the software in the language you feel most comfortable with to make things run smoothly.
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Keep work flowing—on the go

Keep up with your business from anywhere with the free Sowaan ERP mobile app. Use your phone or tablet to easily look at accounts, update projects and quotes, and finish tasks quickly. This lets you focus on what’s really important.

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