Sowaan ERP

Human Resources ERP Solution

Leave and Attendance Tracking, Expense Claims, Salary and Payroll, Recruitment, Performance and more



An individual who works under a contract of employment, and has recognized rights and duties is your Employee.

Employment Type

Various employment contracts you have with your employees.


You can configure the Departments in your organization and assign them to your employees.

Health Insurance

You can manage health insurance for your employees within Sowaan ERP

HR Settings

Global settings for HR related documents and workflows.


Staffing Plan

Sowaan ERP allows you to efficiently plan and budget new hiring for a period.

Job Opening

You can make a record of the open vacancies in your company using Job Opening.

Job Applicant

You can maintain a list of People who have applied for a Job Opening.

Job Offer

Job Offer is given to selected candidates after Interview & selection which states the terms of their employment

Leave Management

Leave Type

Leave Type refers to types of leave allotted to an employee by a company.

Leave Period

You can manage leaves based on a Leave Period, corresponding to a calendar year or the fiscal year.

Leave Allocation

Leave Allocation enables you to allot a specific number of leaves to a particular employee.

Leave Application

Employees can formally apply for a leave and can track it’s approval.

Leave Encashment

For Leave Types which are encashable, you can submit Leave Encashment.

Holiday List

Holiday List is a list which contains the dates of holidays.

Leave Block List

Leave Block List is a list of dates in a year, on which employees can not apply for leave.

Lifecycle and Salary


You can manage appraisals by creating an templates for each role with the parameters with appropriate weightage to each parameter.

Employee Onboarding

For the process of hiring an employee you can create a set of Tasks at the time of each Employee.

Employee Skill Map

Employee Skill Map is a record which helps your organization track your Employee’s skill sets and trainings.

Employee Promotion

You can manage Employee Promotions using this document.

Employee Transfer

You can transfer Employees to different Company or Department by using Employee Transfer.

Employee Separation

For the process of relieving an employee you can create a set of Task at the time of each Employee.


Payroll Entry

Payroll Entry enables bulk processing of payroll for employees company wide or employees of a particular branch, department or designation.

Additional Salary

Sowaan ERP allows you to add additional Salary Components to Salary Slips while processing the payroll.

Employee Benefit Application

Employees are entitled to flexible benefits which they can either receive pro-rata or as a lump-sum amount when they claim the benefit.

Employee Tax Exemption Declaration

Employees can declare the contributions they plan to do in the payroll period which will reduce their net taxable income for the entire payroll period.

Payroll Period

Payroll Period helps you define Salary Structures and to calculate tax for a specific period based on applicable Income Tax Slab

Income Tax Slab

Income Tax Slab helps to define income tax rates based on different taxable income slab

Payroll Setup

Salary is a fixed amount of money or compensation paid to an employee by an employer in return for the work performed.

Setting Up Tax

In many countries regulations allow exempting a part of some type of spendings by individuals from being added to their annual taxable income.


Human Resources Reports

You can track the attendance, salaries, loans and other details of the employees of your organization with several built-in reports.

Human Resource Setup

The HR module has a setup process where you create the masters for all the major activities.

Leave Ledger

A unified ledger for all leave related transactions for an employee.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management section of Human Resources helps your Organization manage their fleet of vehicles and track their expenses.

Expense Claim

When an employee makes an expenses out of their pocket on behalf of the company, they can make a request for reimbursement via the Expense Claim form.