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Project Management

Project and task management with full integration with billing and cost centers

Project Management


The project is an individual or collaborative enterprise, that is carefully planned by the project team, to achieve a particular aim


]A task is an independent assignment or a unit of a Project that defines a particular actionable assigned to an individual.

Project Template

A Project Template is a set of tasks that can automatically be populated for a new project.

Project Customer Portal

In ERPNext you can let Customer update oneself on the Project’s progress via Customer Portal.

Time Tracking

Salary Slip From Timesheet

If salary for your employees are calculated based on number of hours worked, you can use Timesheet to track it and create Salary Slip.

Sales Invoice From Timesheet

Customer can be invoiced based on total no. of hours your Employees has worked for that Customer.

Activity Type

Activity Type makes a list of the different types of activities against which a Time Log can be made.

Activity Cost

Activity Cost records the per-hour billing rate and costing rate of an Employee against an Activity Type.

Tools and Reports

Project Reports

These reports help you analyze the billing per Project and Employee for a specific period.

Project Costing

This reports helps to track the actual costing of a Project, primarily in terms of services, user has to create Time Log based on actual time spent on Project-Task.

Project Profitability

While developments happen on the Project, you can track the various income and expense incurred against it.