Fixed asset management and tracking with depreciation, asset allocation and movement tracking

Asset Management


All the transactions related to an Asset like purchasing, sales, depreciation, scrapping, movement or maintenance will be managed against the Asset master.

Asset Maintenance

Sowaan ERP provides features to track the details of individual maintenance/calibration of various assets.

Asset Movement

You can track the location of an asset or to whom it is issued or whenever it is moved from one location to another.

Asset Transactions

Asset Value Adjustment

In case of fixed asset management, sometimes the value of an asset needs some adjustment, this can be managed within ERPNext

Purchasing an Asset

You can follow the default purchase cycle after ensuring the the appropriate asset category exists

Selling an Asset

You can sell an asset and even make all the necessary documents lile a Sales Invoice for it.

Discarding Assets

Asset Depreciation

The system automatically creates a schedule for depreciation based on depreciation method and other related inputs in the Asset record.

Scrapping an Asset

When an asset is no longer usable, you can scrap an asset with the click of a button in the Asset record.