This module manages financial stuff and matters from the beginning to the end, like setting up, handling bills, keeping journals, and making ledgers and reports.


Stock module keeps a good check on items you have, where they are, how they move, and details like serial numbers and batches in a concise and clear way.


Customer relationship management module helps your team follow up on potential customers from the start, manage ongoing chances, and organize emails and calls in an orderly way.


Make buying stuff for your business simpler and more efficient, from clearly asking for what you need, comparing prices, to finally placing orders seamlessly.


Human resources module handles everything about your team, from tracking time off and attendance, handling expense claims, managing salaries, hiring, and much more.


Projects module efficiently manage projects and tasks better, linking them directly with billing and budgeting for a smoother, more integrated workflow flow.


Effortlessly keep an eye on customer problems and requests easily with support module, ensuring quick, effective responses and solutions, thus keeping customers very happy.

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Actively run a comprehensive quality check system that sets high standards, diligently tracks progress, and reviews how things are going to constantly keep improving.


Reliably keep track of what the business owns, from accurately calculating depreciation to always knowing where assets are and how they're being used efficiently.

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Healthcare ERP

Easily keep track of patient information, doctor schedules, appointments, treatments, and tests in a very clear and simple way, healthcare ERP making it all straightforward.

Education ERP

Gently guide students through their school life from the start, studying, to carefully watching their progress in classes and exams without any stress with education ERP.

Real Estate ERP

Real estate ERP puts all tasks about property in one spot, making managing them easier and smoother. It helps you make smarter, better choices by giving clear picture.

Manufacturing ERP

Manage the process of making products by figuring out what materials are needed, planning schedules, and paying close attention to production tasks efficiently.

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Nonprofit ERP

With nonprofit ERP modules, stay informed about members, new sign-ups, volunteers, and money easily and in a clear way for groups wanting to make a big positive impact.

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Agriculture ERP

Agriculture ERP module helps plan farm work, from watching different crops, their growth stages, to handling plant health problems effectively and smartly.

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