About the Company

Barco, a technology powerhouse in Saudi Arabia, specializes in visual display and collaboration solutions. They are a key participant in the Intersec Saudi Arabia event, the largest expo for security, safety, and fire protection industries in the region. Barco’s innovative products are designed to enhance the way people share information and work together.

The Challenge

Despite its success, Barco encountered significant hurdles in managing its workforce efficiently. With a growing team and expanding operations, the company struggled with coordinating various HR tasks such as recruitment, training, employee performance, and payroll management. These challenges threatened to affect their productivity and overall growth.

The Solution

The turning point came when Barco discovered SowaanERP through a targeted marketing campaign. SowaanERP offered a Human Capital Management (HCM) module that seemed tailor-made for Barco’s needs. This comprehensive solution promised to manage all aspects of HR from a unified platform, ensuring streamlined processes, better data accuracy, and improved employee satisfaction.

Implementation & Tracking

From January to April 2024, Barco paid close attention to how the SowaanERP HCM module was fitting into their day-to-day work. This time was crucial for them to check if the system really helped solve their HR problems and make the whole operation run smoother.

Discovery and Decision

Finding SowaanERP through a marketing ad was a key moment for Barco. They saw it as the perfect answer they had been looking for to get their operations in better shape. Deciding to use SowaanERP’s HCM module was a big step towards making their work processes more organized and efficient.


After putting SowaanERP to use, Barco saw a big change in how they managed their team. The HCM module made many tasks that used to be done by hand now happen automatically, which made work a lot easier and reduced mistakes. Employees were happier with the easier processes, which made them more involved and productive. Most importantly, Barco could spend more time on coming up with new ideas and staying ahead in the tech market. This case study shows how Barco used SowaanERP to tackle its operational issues, leading to a team that works better and is more motivated. By choosing a high-tech ERP solution, Barco has improved its operations and set a new high standard for tech success in Saudi Arabia.

What Our Client Say

“The automation and efficiency introduced by SowaanERP have allowed us to focus more on innovation and meeting the dynamic demands of the tech industry. Our team is more engaged and productive, thanks to the simplified and effective processes. We're excited about the future possibilities this partnership with SowaanERP opens up for us."


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