Manage the entire life cycle of a student from admission, enrollment to attendance and assessment



A course is a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors, and has a fixed number of students.


An educational program is a program written by the institutions which determines the learning progress of each subject in all the stages of formal education.


An Instructor can be a teacher, tutor, coach, or professor, of a specialized subject that involves any skill.


A classroom is a space where you want to schedule courses or examinations. A room in an educational institute can be a class room, a laboratory or a Examination hall.

Student Category

Student Category doctype allow you to classify student based various categories.

Student Batch Name

Student batch is a collection of students from Student Groups. Student batch allows you to create Student Group based on a batch.

Academic Term

An academic term is a portion of an academic year, the time during which an educational institution holds classes.

Academic Year

An academic year is a period of time which education, colleges and universities use to measure a quantity of study.

Education Settings

The Education Settings page allow you to setup basic settings like Academic Year and Term for the educational setup.



A Student is a person who has enrolled at your institute and you have accepted their application.

Student Group

A student group is a collection of students taking same course. You can create Course Schedules and Examinations against a Student Group.


The Guardian doctype allows you to record the guardian details for a Student.

Student Log

The Student Log Doctype enables you to add and edit addtional information for a student.


Student Applicant

A Student Applicant record needs to be created when a student applies for a program at your institute.

Student Admission

The Student Admission record enables to initiate your admission process for a given Academic year.

Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment is the record of enrollment of a student in a given program and choose courses for a particular Academic Year and Academic Term.

Program Enrollment Tool

The Program Enrollment tool allows the bulk enrollment of the new and old students in a Program.



Maintain a record of fees collected from students based on a fee structure.

Fee Structure

A Fee Structure is a template that can be used while making Fees records or generating them via the Fee Schedule.


Course Schedule

Course Schedule is the schedule of a session conducted by an Instructor for a particular Course. You can see the overall course schedule in the Calendar view.


The Examination record can be used to track the exam schedule and the results of that exam.

Learning Management System

Setting Up LMS

The Education module allows institutes to publish their programs on their website where students can log in to view the content.

Navigating the Portal

The LMS portal is published on the route 'lms', here the student can access all programs and courses

Tracking Progress

The students can view their progress on the portal itself and do not have access to the desk.


Student Attendance

Attendance doctype allows you to track and manage attendance of a student in all the days at any time.

Student Attendance Tool

The Student Attendance tool allow you to bulk update the attendance for students based on Student Group and Course Schedule.

Student Leave Application

Sowaan ERP allows you to record the leave application for a student.


Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria is the parameter based on which you assess the Student.

Assessment Result

Assessment Result is a log of marks/grades earned by the student for specific Assessment.

Assessment Group

Assessment Group tree is a master where you can define the hierarchy for examination conducted in your education institute.

Assessment Plan

To schedule an assessment/examination for a Student Group, for specific course you can create an assessment Plan.