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SowaanERP is multi-locational, multi-user, multi-lingual, multi-currency web-based accounting system for the entire Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) chain for all sized enterprises that is fully functional to manage full operations of any business.

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 How free manufacturing ERP in Saudi Arabia can help boost business?

5 Key Features to Look for in Free ERP Software for Manufacturing in Saudi Arabia

There are five things to keep in mind when looking for free manufacturing ERP software in Saudi Arabia. So, keeping track of your stock is a great way to stay organized and in charge. Also, getting data in real-time makes it easier to make good choices. Also, when tools work well together, it makes things easier and helps people share information faster. Yet, and there’s one more benefit: the tools we use to set up assure that we use our resources sensibly and don’t waste any time.

 Lastly, the quality control stuff makes sure that we are all following the rules. If manufacturers pay attention to these five things, they will be able to find manufacturing ERP software in Saudi Arabia. That makes things easier and helps them do well in Saudi Arabia.

Define Business requirements for ERP selection

When choosing an ERP, it’s very important to know what you need from it. First, write down what you need and what you want. So, we need to figure out what we need to do to make the business work. Next, bring in people from different areas and listen to what they have to say. Their ideas will help assure that the Saudi Arabia manufacturing software providers take care of everything important. Next, make sure to rank the needs by how important they are and how much they’ll affect how the business runs. This helps the organization choose manufacturing ERP software in Saudi Arabia that fits its needs. Oh, and when you’re working out what you need, remember to think about how things might grow and change in the future. The ERP we choose should be able to keep up with our growth and dynamic requirements in the future.

Define ERP functional requirements 

When picking manufacturing ERP software in Saudi Arabia, the functional requirements are very important. First, you need to figure out what you have to do to keep your business going. This stuff includes things like keeping track of money, keeping track of what we have in stock, and filling orders for sales. Also, think about how much you need to change it to meet the goals of your business.

The best manufacturing ERP software in Saudi Arabia is able to change to fit different ways of doing things, you know? Also, make sure it can easily communicate with other tools and apps. This means making sure it works with what we already have and could work with new things in the future. Lastly, check the user interface and how easy it is to use to make sure that all workers in different departments can use it easily. You’ve got to take care of sure it’s easy to find your way around and enter info.

Upper management support for ERP selection

When it comes to choosing an ERP, it’s very important to have the big bosses on board. First of all, we need to make sure that the big bosses are on board. So that we can get their support and help. Also, make sure to include the big bosses in the decision-making process. We need their help to ensure that the manufacturing ERP solutions in Saudi Arabia work well with our business plan as a whole.

Also, make sure that the top people are participating and interested in making it work. Their backing makes it easier to get people on board with changes. Also, create an environment where everyone is willing to try new things. Lastly, make sure to keep management updated on how the ERP decision and implementation are going. Keep them up to date on any changes or problems that arise.

Integration with existing systems for ERP selection

When picking an ERP, it’s very important to make sure it can work with the systems you already have. First, see if it works with the tools and databases, you already have. Also, make sure the systems can easily share information and talk to each other. Also, think about how easy it is to combine and if APIs or links are available. Lastly, make sure to choose ERP options that are easy to integrate so that you don’t end up with disparate data sets and everyone in the company can work more efficiently.

The total cost of ownership and ROI for ERP selection

When picking an ERP, you have to think about the total cost and return on investment. First, find out how much it will cost upfront for things like licensing, setup, and training. Next, take a look at the regular costs, such as maintenance, help, and changes. Next, figure out how much you can get for your money by looking at what a better worker you’ll be, how much money you’ll save, and how much more money you’ll make. Lastly, think about how the ERP system will be worth it in the long run. Or, it can grow with your needs. You want to make sure that your investment gives you a good return over time.


If you’re looking for free ERP software for manufacturing in Saudi Arabia, pay attention to these five important benefits. It’s very important to keep track of your inventory to make sure everything goes smoothly. When you get information in real-time, you get the real deal. When things fit together well, it speeds up and makes everything easier. Tools for planning and arranging help get the most out of what you have. Software for managing quality makes sure that everything is up to code. If a manufacturer in Saudi Arabia wants to make things easier and work better. Then they should look at these features and find an ERP system that works for them.