Quality Management

Quality management is a system that includes procedures, goals, tracking, and reviewing to ensure the quality of a product or service. It's all about setting up clear objectives and following specific steps to meet those standards.

Goal and Procedure

Quality Goal

This involves picking out certain measures that show how well an application works. Making these goals is a key part of managing quality because it gives you clear aims to reach for.

Quality Procedure

Think of this as a recipe for consistency. It's a detailed guide (often called a Standard Operating Procedure, or SOP) that explains how to perform complex tasks correctly every time.

Tree Of Procedure

This tool helps visualize how different procedures relate to each other, showing which ones are overarching (parents) and which ones are more detailed (children).

Tools for Quality Management

Quality Review

This is a thorough check-up of a product, with a structured approach and clear roles for everyone involved, to make sure everything meets the set standards.

Quality Feedback

This is feedback from customers on what they liked or didn't like about your product or service. It's very important for knowing how to get better.

Quality Action

When problems are spotted, quality action means doing steps to correct them and stop them from coming back.

Quality Meeting

It is an assembly of people for a particular purpose or agenda, especially for formal discussion about Quality aspects.