We make sure you know everything about your stuff like when it gets old, where it is, and if it moves.

Asset Management


We keep track of buying, selling, getting old, throwing away, moving, or fixing stuff in one place.

Asset Maintenance

Sowaan ERP helps you keep an eye on when and how you fix or check your stuff.

Asset Movement

You can see where your stuff is, who has it, or when it moves to a new place.

Asset Transactions

Asset Value Adjustment

Sometimes, the worth of your stuff changes. We handle that change inside ERPNext.

Purchasing an Asset

When you buy stuff, just follow the normal buying steps after you make sure it fits in the right category.

Selling an Asset

You can sell your stuff and even make all the needed papers like a Sales Invoice for it.

Discarding Assets

Asset Depreciation

Our system plans out how your stuff gets old over time based on the method you pick and other details you give.

Scrapping an Asset

When your stuff isn't good anymore, you can throw it away with a simple click in the Asset record.