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A cutting-edge cloud manufacturing ERP software that makes the production process easier, tracks how much material is used, plans for how much can be made, manages work given to others, and more!

Total control over your production

Use Sowaan ERP to link your production planning and work shop. It helps with handling clients, sales, items in stock, buying stuff, accounting, and financial reports. This lets your business areas work together without a hitch and in real time.

Product analytics

Bill of material (BOM)

Connect your production planning and workshop with Sowaan ERP. Its features for managing customers, sales orders, stock, buying, accounting, and financial reports make it easier to work together in real time across all your business areas.

Shop floor management

Sowaan ERP lets you track daily work in your shop easily. With Job Cards, Operations, and Workstations, you can see live what’s being made. You know where each work spot is, who’s working on what, and how far along every work order is.

Stock entry


If your business outsources tasks to a supplier, look at the Subcontracting feature in Sowaan ERP. It simplifies giving raw materials to suppliers and keeping an eye on their work and processes. The value of finished products is calculated using the cost of raw materials and the services procured.

Item variants

If you make many kinds of t-shirts, it’s key to keep track of each type and its different styles. Sowaan ERP, top ERP software in UAE, helps with this. It lets you save the main kind as an item template. Then, each style, like color or shape, is saved as an item variant. This makes things organized and easy to handle.

Managing batched

Batched inventory

Sowaan ERP has a smart system for keeping track of items in groups. It tells you the latest on what items you have. This includes manufacturing date, expiry date, and much more. You can even scan item codes with your phone’s camera. This helps you check your stock fast and make good choices.

Serialized inventory

In UAE’s manufacturing ERP world, Sowaan ERP stands out with its smart serial number feature. It lets you set up a series for naming, which automatically makes serial numbers for new items. Plus, it allows you to use your device’s camera for quick barcode scanning. This makes looking through your inventory fast and easy.

Number for new Stock

Material resource planning

Whether it’s a job order for sales or requests for materials, Sowaan ERP will display every part of your material planning. Keep an eye on how much material from serialized or batched inventory is used to reduce costs and avoid wasting resources.

Calendar - product order

Capacity planning

With ERP software in UAE, you can make your work areas better based on what you have for current orders. By making a plan for how much you can do, you can spot and fix any slow spots on the shop floor. Also, the system lets you keep and handle plans for times like 30 or 45 days.

Multiple units of measure

Don’t let systems limit how you measure your materials! Track your inventory in various units. Add conversion rates right in the Item details to make buying, selling, and stock management easy. The system will take care of all the unit changes for you.

Different units

Quick stock balance

With the Quick Stock Balance report, you can check your warehouse stock and compare it with what’s recorded in the system. Just scan a barcode using any device (you don’t need a special scanner!) and start counting.

Stock replenishment

To prevent stockouts, track an item’s reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, Sowaan ERP will automatically create a material request. This helps you refill your inventory just in time and lowers the risk of running out.

Customize Form

On-the-fly customizations

Make your own custom cloud manufacturing ERP software. Add special fields to your forms to track important information. Adjust how forms work by automatically getting values, hiding fields for certain users, and making unique print layouts — all without needing to code.

Multilingual cloud manufacturing ERP software

Use your software in the language of your ease.

Calendar - product order

Keep work flowing—on the go

The Sowaan ERP mobile app lets you manage your business on the go, helping you concentrate on important things. Use it to get to your accounts, update projects and quotes, and handle tasks quickly from your phone or tablet.

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