Know Where Your Business Is

Use SowaanERP distribution ERP software on any device. It’s easy to use, flexible, and designed for distributors. It works together with your inventory, giving you the power to control your business and stock in real-time.

distribution erp software in uae


SowaanERP shows you what products are available right now and helps you keep track of stock levels (in different places and warehouses), move stock, and more. Choose batched or serialized items. With SowaanERP, you can note down batches of items you get, including when they were made and when they expire.

Multi-Store Management

Set up new branches of your company quickly, and start doing business! You can set up different areas for each branch and look at costs, stock moves, profits, and losses to see how profitable your distribution business is. Find out shipping costs and details from major carriers in real time.

Item Variants

Distributors handle many versions of products in different colors, finishes, shapes, and lengths. In SowaanERP, the main product is listed as an item template, and each variation is listed as an item variant.

distribution erp software in uae
distribution erp software in uae

Promotional Schemes

Made for big retailers and distributors, it's now easy to handle discounts or profit margins based on rates or amounts. With promotional schemes, you can set up item discounts for different groups or situations. Promotional schemes will automatically update the pricing rules that apply.

Automate Stock Replenishment

To avoid running out of stock, keep track of when to reorder items. When stock goes below this level, SowaanERP will automatically ask for more materials. This means you refill your stock just in time and lower the risk of running out. Notification emails are sent to stock and purchase managers, so they arrange for more goods and avoid stock shortages.

distribution erp software in uae
Multi-Channel Sales

Connect Sowaan ERP with Shopify, WooCommerce, or Amazon quickly. It's easy to link your items, customers, and orders. Just four clicks, and you're ready to go. This makes selling easier and your life better.

distribution erp software in uae
Multi-Currency Accounting

Handling money in different currencies is easy with our software. Send bills and add costs in any currency. The system changes them to your main currency. You can also see money reports in various currencies.

Billing And Pricing

Bill your customers and remind them about payments with emails or texts. Make payments quicker with special bill designs. You only need to set it up once.

distribution erp software in uae
distribution erp software in uae
Credits & Receivables

Keep your customers happy with loyalty programs and pricing deals. Set credit limits, view what you're owed, and look at customer spending. Our reports help you do this easily.


Keep getting paid from within the ERP software. Send estimates, turn them into bills, and get paid online on time. Let your customers see all their sales details online.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Make the ERP software yours without coding. Add what you need to forms. Change how forms work easily. Hide parts for some users and make your own print designs.

distribution erp software in uae
Multilingual Distribution ERP Software

Use the software in the language you prefer. It's built for everyone.

distribution erp software in uae
Keep work flowing—on the go

With the free SowaanERP mobile app, manage your business from anywhere. Access accounts, update projects, and handle tasks quickly from your phone or tablet.

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