Boost Your Business Operations with the Best Human Resources ERP Software in UAE

SowaanERP, recognized as the best HR software in UAE, transforms HR management. It offers precise monitoring of attendance and leaves, simplifies the process of managing expense claims, provides comprehensive payroll management, and supports recruitment and performance evaluation processes. Essentially, it serves as an all-in-one solution for every HR requirement.


Comprehensive Employee Management and Contract Types

An employee, a crucial part of your business, operates under a job agreement with specific rights and duties. These agreements, known as Employment Types, vary greatly in detail. This broad category encompasses numerous arrangements and expectations. Effective management of these aspects, possibly through cloud-based HR solutions UAE, ensures smooth operations and maintains a harmonious working environment.

healthcare erp systems in uae
healthcare erp systems in uae

Unified HR Solutions

Organizational Structure, Health Insurance, and Workflow Standardization

Use SowaanERP’s HR software in UAE to handle all your HR jobs in one place. Set up different Departments in your company to help things work better. Also, make sure your employees have good health insurance coverage. The system also creates a single method for managing all HR papers and processes, making it easier to keep things consistent and follow the rules in your company.

Tool Enable

Strategic Hiring Planning with Sowaan ERP

SowaanERP's advanced features help you plan and budget for hiring new people the smart way. It helps you predict when you'll need more staff, so you're ready for times when business picks up or during busy seasons. By matching your hiring plans with your budget, it makes sure you hire in a way that saves money and works well. This is one of the key benefits of using HR software - it makes your recruitment smarter and cost-saving.

healthcare erp systems in uae

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Job Openings, Applicant Tracking, and Job Offers

SowaanERP's smart tools make it easier for you to plan and budget when you need to hire new staff. It helps you figure out when you will need more people to work for you, ensuring you are prepared for busy times or when your business is growing. By making sure your hiring plans fit with your available budget, it helps you hire the right people without overspending. This shows how important HR software UAE features are for making hiring simpler and more budget-friendly.

Effective Leave Management

Leave Types, Periods, and Allocations

SowaanERP offers a complete way to manage time off for employees. The 'Leave Type' feature allows you to organize different kinds of leave according to your company's rules, making everything clear to everyone. The 'Leave Period' feature helps you track leaves over a specific timeframe, like a year, to fit how your company operates. With 'Leave Allocation', you can assign a certain number of days off to each employee, ensuring fairness and transparency. All these features work together to create a leave system that is simple and effective for both the company and its employees.

healthcare erp systems in uae

All-inclusive Leave Features

Applications, Encashment, Holidays, and Block Lists

SowaanERP's 'Leave Application' feature allows employees to request time off and check if it's approved, keeping everyone informed. The 'Leave Encashment' option gives employees the choice to get money instead of taking leaves, offering a real benefit. The 'Holiday List' feature displays all upcoming holidays, so employees can plan for them in advance. The 'Leave Block List' indicates the dates when leaves cannot be requested, ensuring there are enough staff throughout the year. Together, these features ensure a complete, straightforward, and beneficial leave system for both the company and its employees, highlighting SowaanERP as one of the top HR solutions in UAE.

healthcare erp systems in uae
healthcare erp systems in uae

Super Easy Attendance Management

Recording and Requests

SowaanERP's attendance tools help keep track of who is at work accurately and completely. The 'Attendance' tool records when someone is at work, which is essential for calculating pay and evaluating performance. The 'Attendance Request' tool allows employees to query any days they were mistakenly marked absent, ensuring the records are fair and accurate. Together, these tools create a straightforward, effective, and reliable way to monitor attendance, making sure everything is accounted for correctly.

Bulk Uploads and Auto Attendance with SowaanERP

Make tracking attendance simpler with the ‘Upload Attendance’ and 'Auto Attendance' features. The 'Upload Attendance' option lets you quickly input many attendance records using a CSV file, which saves time and reduces typing errors. On the other hand, 'Auto Attendance' automatically marks employees as present if they are scheduled to work, based on the 'Employee Checking' record. This ensures accuracy without manual effort. Together, these tools make managing attendance easier, boosting both efficiency and precision. To see how these features work in action, consider checking out an HR software UAE demo.

healthcare erp systems in uae
healthcare erp systems in uae

Well-Organized Performance and Skill Management

Appraisals, Promotions and Skill Mapping

SowaanERP helps manage how well employees are doing with its Appraisal, Employee Promotion, and Employee Skill Map features. With Appraisals, you can create specific templates for different jobs to evaluate staff fairly based on key factors. The Employee Promotion feature makes it straightforward for employees to advance in the company. Meanwhile, the Employee Skill Map tracks employees' skills and training, showing their strengths and areas for improvement. Together, these features make a solid system for managing how employees perform and grow in their skills.

Super Easy Attendance Management

Onboarding, Transfer, and Separation

SowaanERP's features for Employee Onboarding, Transfer, and Separation make managing employees' journeys in the company smooth from beginning to end. The Employee Onboarding feature helps employers quickly set up task lists for new hires, ensuring they start on the right foot. The Employee Transfer feature simplifies the process of moving employees between different parts of the company or different departments, making transitions easy. Additionally, the Employee Separation tool organizes the steps needed when someone is leaving, making sure everything is taken care of properly. These tools ensure that every phase of an employee's time at the company is handled well, from their first day to their last.

healthcare erp systems in uae

Optimizing Payroll System in UAE

Mass Processing and Additional Compensation

In UAE, Sowaan ERP is making a big difference in how companies pay their workers with its 'Payroll Entry' and 'Additional Salary' features. The 'Payroll Entry' part simplifies the job of processing many paychecks at once, whether it's for the whole company or just certain groups. The 'Additional Salary' feature allows companies to easily add extra items to paychecks. This means employees receive pay packages that cover everything they're owed. These features are part of what makes Sowaan ERP one of the best HR software in UAE, helping manage payroll smoothly and effectively.

Payroll Systems in UAE

Reformation of Periodic Structuring and Payroll Setup

In UAE, SowaanERP's 'Payroll Period' and 'Payroll Setup' tools are top-notch for handling payments to employees. The 'Payroll Period' feature allows companies to decide how much to pay people and calculate taxes for specific periods, ensuring they stick to tax laws properly. Meanwhile, the 'Payroll Setup' section makes it clear that a salary is what an employer gives an employee for their work. These tools help make sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time.

healthcare erp systems in uae

Employee Benefit Application

Enhancing Employee Benefits and Tax Exemptions

SowaanERP has two great tools, 'Employee Benefit Application' and 'Employee Tax Exemption Declaration', that help employees handle their pay and perks better. The 'Employee Benefit Application' tool allows workers to pick the special perks they want, either one by one or all together, whenever they apply for it. This means employees can choose what benefits suit them best. On the other hand, the 'Employee Tax Exemption Declaration' feature gives employees a way to tell their company how much money they want to set aside from their paycheck. This set-aside money can reduce the part of their income that gets taxed, which helps them save money on taxes.

healthcare erp systems in uae

Tailoring Taxation

Income Tax Slabs and Setting Up Tax Exemptions

Handling taxes correctly is crucial for businesses. Sowaan ERP's 'Income Tax Slab' and 'Setting Up Tax' tools simplify this complicated task. The 'Income Tax Slab' feature allows companies to apply different tax rates to different levels of earnings. Meanwhile, the 'Setting Up Tax' tool helps companies realize that in many areas, certain expenses don't count as part of your yearly income, so they won't be taxed. These features make managing taxes much easier for companies.

Reports and Effective Setup

Reports and Effective Setup

Sowaan ERP has two handy tools called 'Human Resources Reports' and 'Human Resource Setup' that make taking care of your company's staff smoother. With the 'Human Resources Reports' feature, you get reports ready to use that show who came to work, how much pay everyone gets, details about loans, and more about your employees. This gives you a complete view of your team. The 'Human Resource Setup' tool helps you get ready for all the important HR tasks, making it easier to manage HR stuff. These features together make handling HR better by giving you detailed reports and simplifying the setup work.

healthcare erp systems in uae
education erp system in uae

Integrated HR Solutions

Leave, Fleet, and Expense Management

Sowaan ERP takes care of everything, from keeping a single record of all employee time off to looking after company cars well. It even lets employees submit their expenses by themselves, making HR tasks fully covered. These tools make the business run more smoothly and keep employees happy.

Access For All

Keep work flowing—on the go

The free Sowaan ERP mobile app lets you manage your business from anywhere, helping you focus on what matters most. With it, you can access your accounts, update projects and quotes, and complete tasks quickly, all using your phone or tablet.

healthcare erp systems in uae
Multilingual Retail Management Software

Use your software in the language you find easy.

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