Great ERP To manage Hospitals, Clinics & Dispensaries in UAE

Sowaan ERP Solution is a new ERP software for hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries.

Patient repository

Humidity or precipitation, mineral levels or temperature, Sowaan ERP covers diverse criteria for analysis and reporting.
Sowaan integrated system

Healthcare practitioners

Sowaan ERP lets you add many doctors, nurses, and more. You can set what each one can see and do. Each worker can also reach their own HR details like leaves and pay.

Practitioner schedule

Sowaan ERP’s Doctor Schedule helps you set when your health workers are available. Choose the days and times for each one. Then, the system makes sure no two patients book at the same time.
Automate notification

Patient appointments

With a clear view of each doctor’s time, double-booking won’t happen. You can even send emails right after someone books a talk.

Document storage

Doctors have to keep lots of notes and info for each patient. Instead of using other apps for storage, Sowaan ERP lets you keep all sorts of files — like texts, PDFs, pictures, or videos. This way, everything about a patient is in one place.

Patient history

With the Patient History report, you can see all past records of a patient — basic info, allergies, old medicines, and talks with doctors. Watch the whole story of a patient from when they first came to you.


Forget messy email chains. Send emails right from your health software! Tell your patients or their families about their meetings, medicine, or what to do next. Replies come right back into the same email thread in Sowaan ERP, keeping all messages together.
fetch into the Email

Patient encounters

Sowaan ERP lets you write down every time you see a patient. You can make a Patient Encounter, from a planned meeting or by starting a new one. All details about the patient fill in by themselves, along with the newest health checks, patient files, and other key info.



Write down what you notice and think during patient talks through prescriptions. Our easy-to-use tool lets you make these notes look nice — add your hospital’s top part, move things around, and show just what you want. It’s easy and looks great.

Clinical procedures

You can use Sowaan ERP for any health step — like cleaning a cut, looking inside with sound waves, using a scope, or eye surgery. Sowaan ERP lets you set up Health Step Plans ahead of time. This way, you don’t have to pick the tools used each time. Billing can also be done by itself based on the tools used and the doctor’s fees.

Medicines and equipment

Sowaan ERP has a smart stock system that shows you what’s in store, how much you have, and where it is. Whether your items are in batches or have unique IDs, you can choose. Use your device’s camera to quickly scan barcodes and find drugs, medical tools, assets, and more.

Billing and pricing

Make bills for your patients and remind them to pay through emails or texts. Speed up billing with ready-to-use bill designs (made with HTML or Jinja) and set it up just once.

On-the-fly customizations

Make your own healthcare software without coding. You can add new fields to forms to track what matters to you. Change how forms work by pulling in data automatically, hiding fields based on who’s using it, and making your own bill layouts.

Multilingual retail management software

Work in the software using the language you’re comfortable with.

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