A lead is someone who might want to buy what you're selling.


An opportunity means the lead is seriously thinking about buying your stuff.


A customer is someone who buys products or avail services from you.


In Sowaan ERP, a contact is a person. They can be linked to a customer, supplier, or company.


You can keep track of addresses for Leads, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Sales Partners, or Warehouses.


A campaign is a big effort to tell people about your product or service and get them to buy it.


Lead Source

Lead Source is where your potential customers come from.

Opportunity Type

Opportunity Type tells you what kind of chance you have, like selling, support, fixing stuff, or making partnerships.

Sales Stage

Sales Stage shows how far along a chance to sell is in the process.

Sales Person

A Sales Person is someone who sells your products/services.

Customer Group

Customer Group puts customers who are alike in some way together.

CRM Analytics

You can look at your sales process, see how many people are at each step, and guess how many might buy.


Use the Appointment type to plan and keep track of meetings with a lead or chance to sell.

Social Media Post

Social Media Post lets you make and set up posts for LinkedIn and Twitter.