Healthcare Handle patient care, schedule for doctors, and manage reports with meetings, talks, treatments, and lab findings.



This healthcare area lets you set up plans for medical treatments, book times, keep track of supplies used, and more.


This is for anyone getting healthcare services from you. It's their record.

Healthcare Practitioner

SowaanERP Healthcare lets you add many doctors and link them to a User or Employee with the right roles.

Medical Department

This helps you book times, check for available service spots by category.

Healthcare Service Unit

This is about organizing your place. It helps with planning meetings, billing, and more.

Medical Code standards

For following rules and insurance needs, medical coding is used. It helps with checking what's covered.


Healthcare Settings

You can adjust many general settings for the Healthcare section here.

Setup Inpatient ADT

Handling admissions, discharges, and transfers in a busy hospital is complex. ERPNext Healthcare makes it easier.

Setup Laboratory

Set up your lab here for tests, collecting samples, etc., with authorized users handling it.

Setup Pharmacy

Create different POS Profiles. With the Stock Module, you can handle many pharmacies.


Patient Appointment

Sowaan ERP Healthcare lets you set up meetings with patients for any day. It also sends them reminders by Email or SMS.

Practitioner Schedule

This helps you plan when healthcare workers are available.

Clinical Procedure

Sowaan ERP lets you get ready with Clinical Procedure Plans ahead of time. This way, you don't have to pick the items used each time you need a procedure.

Patient Encounter

Sowaan ERP Healthcare records every visit patients make in a Patient Encounter document.

Vital Signs

Sowaan ERP Healthcare tracks important health signs of patients anytime during treatment.

Fee Validity

his sets up no-cost follow-up visits.


Lab Test

Sowaan ERP Healthcare makes running a clinical lab smooth. You can input Lab Tests, send out results by print or email, handle samples, and bill them.

Sample Collection

For a lab, managing samples is key. You might need to tag the sample, print labels, etc.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Exercise Type

Make an Exercise with its difficulty, connect it to body parts, and outline all steps.

Therapy Type

Sowaan ERP plans out Therapies with Healthcare Service Units, their usual prices, and Item details for billing. You can also match exercises to Body Parts.

Therapy Plan

Sowaan ERP sets up a plan for patients with the therapies needed and how many times each one needs to be done.

Therapy Session

Track each Therapy Session by noting down how many times done, help needed, etc., for each Exercise.

Patient Assessment Template

Sowaan ERP plans out Patient Assessments with all the checks and the scale for rating the patient.

Patient Assessment

Check on your Patient's progress using any set of checks and scale.

Records and Reports

Patient History

Sowaan ERP Healthcare lets you pull up a Patient's medical past quickly by searching and picking the Patient.

Patient Appointment Analytics

Appointment Analytics shows you how many meetings were set up by Medical Department and Healthcare Worker.

Inpatient Record

An Inpatient Record is made automatically when a healthcare worker orders a stay.