How to design cloud-based ERP software in UAE that delivers greatest efficiency

Have any of the tools you use for work ever made you feel captivated? An employee struggling with a complex enterprise application could find that odd. 

We all desire to use technology that is of exceptional quality. For exceptional quality, every interaction you have with devices must be flawless, easy to use, and give the user a sense of being understood, experienced, and comprehended.

About the tools people use to complete their jobs, SowaanERP thinks there is no reason why they shouldn’t have a good user experience. Our goal is to take the initiative and raise the bar for excellent business and user experiences.

The process of designing open source ERP in UAE using SowaanERP is iterative, and it begins with the environment you want to develop. You put it in front of people to see what works and what doesn’t. You can continue to adjust and enhance it. It works like a loop; you keep going back and forth until you meet the user’s expectations.

Let’s take a deeper look at this ongoing process that SowaanERP uses to produce powerful business apps. We simplify the procedure into six essential phases.


SowaanERPa cloud based ERP in the UAEis a system that provides a better user experience. You want to have a clear understanding of the user’s goals before you begin designing an outstanding business experience. So, it is helpful to plan user goals that specify what your user or users are attempting to achieve.

Specify your data structure

Determine the type of data that the user will connect with to attain their goals once you have an understanding of what your users are attempting to do. For instance, How frequently do people report their expenses? How much are the quantities they are going to submit? The length of the expense item descriptions should also be specified. The design of the user experience can be altered by all of these factors.

Transform the ways

It’s time to concentrate on scenarios now that you know what your users want to do and how they will interact with the data to get there. For each case, you should establish roles, such as a project manager who keeps track of resources and upkeep activities. These actions can be represented in a flowchart or simply by a written account of the choices the user makes to reach their goal.

Use a simple design approach

When it comes to screen interactions, SowaanERP’s design strategy for open source ERP in UAE is simple. For instance, you don’t need many functionalities on the same interface if one is already there and performs a task. Try to keep the number of actions on a screen limited, it might be a tricky issue when you start adding new features. 

Create appealing designs

When it comes to design, we go in a different direction. We advise using an expressive style with the best ERP solution in UAEA setting where people feel at ease and connected is what we aim to achieve.

Create experiences

You can add unique details to your application in spots where you’re using the software and something important is happening that necessitates a different approach. Examples include the way you resize a flow chart to disclose bits of data and dwell on finer details


SowaanERP is available to all cloud ERP UAE organizations, along with a multitude of useful design resources, so they can upgrade their current applications or create new software platforms.