Manufacturing Industry Modules

Manage multi-level Bill of Materials, plan and track production with Work Orders

Basic and Setup


Sowaan ERP has features like Bill of Materials tracking, Work Order planning and execution, procurement and lot more.

Manufacturing Settings

This is where all the main settings and rules for making things are kept.

Manufacturing Dashboard

This dashboard shows clear info to help users make choices quickly and wisely.

Bill of Materials

Bill Of Materials

This is a list of all parts (bought or made) and steps needed to make a finished product or a part of it.


This keeps details about where the making steps happen.


It has a list of all steps in making something, what each step does, and the usual place for each step.


Work Order

A Work Order is a paper from the planner telling the workers to make a certain amount of an item.

Production Plan

This helps you set up how much you're going to make based on orders or requests for materials.

Job Card

From the Work Order, a Job Card is made for each workstation to start making an item.



This is when you hire another company to do some parts of the work.

BOM Comparison Tool

With this tool, you can look at two BOMs side by side to see what's different.

Item Alternative

If a material you need isn't there, you can use something else that works to finish making your product.

BOM Update Tool

This tool lets you change a part of the BOM and updates the costs in all BOMs.

Planning & Reports

Capacity Planning

This helps you keep track of how much work each workstation is doing.

Work Order Summary

You can see how far along the making of items is with the Work Order Summary in Sowaan ERP.

Demand Driven Forecasting

It predicts future needs using old sales data and a special math method.

BOM Production Planning ReportUpdate Tool

This report will helps user to plan the finished good as well the raw materials against the Sales Order / Work Order / Material Request (with request as Manufactured) data.