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SowaanERP is multi-locational, multi-user, multi-lingual, multi-currency web-based accounting system for the entire Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) chain for all sized enterprises that is fully functional to manage full operations of any business.

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Vital agri nutrient boosts agricultural productivity with SOWAANERP

Vital Agri Nutrient (VAN) is at the forefront of Pakistan's agricultural innovation, specializing in the production of specialty fertilizers, micronutrients, soil amendments, and more. With a commitment to enhancing agriculture's productivity and sustainability, VAN's flagship product, Vital Urea, stands as Pakistan’s largest selling Sulfur coated Urea (SCU), showcasing the company's dedication to advanced agricultural solutions.

Client Name

Vital Agri Nutrient




6 months



The Challenge

Even while VAN made a substantial contribution to agricultural developments, the majority of their operational procedures were manual. In addition to taking a long time, this conventional method allowed for human mistake, which had an impact on several departments, including manufacturing, HR, payroll, accounts, sales, purchase, and inventory. It was clear that an overhaul was required to keep them at the top of the market.

The Solution

The revolution in VAN began with the discovery of SowaanERP. VAN chose to incorporate SowaanERP's modules and services into their workflow after realizing how well it could optimize their operations. The Enterprise Resource Planning system from SowaanERP offered a complete solution for smoothly managing and integrating all of VAN's business processes.

Implementation and Tracking

The implementation of SowaanERP began on February 16th, 2023, with close monitoring extending to October 1st, 2023. This period was crucial for assessing the ERP system's impact on VAN's business operations, ensuring that the transition from manual to automated processes was smooth and effective.

Discovery and Decision

VAN's proactive search for a solution to alleviate the inefficiencies of manual operations led them to choose SowaanERP. A turning point in VAN's history was the Google Campaign that introduced them to SowaanERP and set them on the path to operational excellence and innovation in their industry.


The business procedures at VAN were changed by the incorporation of SowaanERP. The time spent on administrative chores in the departments of HR, Payroll, Accounts, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Manufacturing was greatly decreased by the automation made possible by SowaanERP modules. This change reduced the possibility of human mistake while also enabling VAN to concentrate more on strategic projects that promote agricultural sustainability and productivity.

This case study serves as an example of how SowaanERP can transform manual, archaic operations into streamlined, effective systems that help businesses like Vital Agri Nutrient achieve previously unheard-of levels of success and growth in their respective sectors.

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